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2018 Awards Categories

There are 7 categories in this year’s Leadership Awards as well as a number of honorary awards that will be given on the awards night.

Best Coaching Initiative

In this category we will be casting our net widely to ensure we encompass as many diverse examples of significant coaching interventions as we can in this group. We are looking for coaching initiatives that have made a real difference to the development and the performance of people within organisations.

Successful submissions will demonstrate the following:

  • The business context or enterprise-need that triggered the coaching initiative
  • The diligence of the engagement process used to ensure successful take-up
  • The criteria for matching people with coaches
  • If the initiative used internal resources, the quality of the process for choosing and training coaches
  • If external, the relevant criteria for the selection of the coaches
  • How the initiative promoted a learning culture, in which people were encouraged to think for themselves and create new solutions
  • The success of the individual coaching through stories that made a difference
  • Examples of how the initiative worked to produce longer term, positive cultural change in the mindsets, behaviours and performance of those involved
  • The measures that were used to evaluate and ensure the overall success of the initiative

Best Leadership Research

In this category, all submissions should include an outline of the original research objectives, how the entrant came to settle on the approach (methods/form of analysis) that you took,challenges they faced (if any)  and any surprises that arose in the course of your research endeavours.

This category judges are looking for entries that demonstrate clearly:

  • What leadership issue was explored?
  • How is the research advancing leadership theories?
  • Which methodologies and methods were used?
  • What are the outputs of the research project (academic articles, practitioner articles etc)?
  • How was the research communicated to key stakeholders and users?
  • Which impact did the research generate (in academia, in organisations, in the media, in policy etc.)?
  • How was the research funded (research councils, organisations etc.)Innovation in methods or analysis generating new insights into leadership?

Positive Deviant Leader

Positive Deviant leaders are outliers on the winning side of the ‘normal distribution curve’ for great leadership. These are the leaders who recognise that solutions to the wickedest problems are widely distributed and can often be found with unusual suspects.

The winner will demonstrate:

  • How they are inclusive in their leadership and how they bring about change through invitation and ownership rather than seeking buy in.
  • How they brought about change through nurturing ideas of others.
  • How they identified and supported others in spreading challenging solutions that make a difference to organisational life or society at large.

Social Entrepreneur Leader

In this category, we would like to celebrate an individual who has driven social innovation and transformation in their communities and /or beyond. This individual would have taken it upon himself or herself to implement innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

The submission should:

  • Highlight how the individual identified the societal problem and the cause that inspired them
  • How they went about mobilising resources, energy and others to address the challenges
  • How they overcame the challenges they faced
  • Innovative solutions they pursued to address the societal challenge
  • Their in-depth understanding of their community and markets
  • How they hold themselves accountable to beneficiaries and other key stakeholders
  • What was special and unique about their innovative solutions

Innovative Leadership Development

In this category, we are looking for Leadership Development programmes from all sectors which support and develop leaders to lead in a changing and Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguity (VUCA) world in a way that is sustainable and innovative and which focuses on delivering benefits to both the organisation and the individual.

The category winner will demonstrate evidence on how they:

  • Defined a clear business need and return on investment.
  • Defined the target audience as well as why and how participants were selected.
  • Ensured that the programme fitted with wider engagement and talent strategies.
  • Ensured that the programme promotes a learning to learn culture
  • Ensured that the programme was actively championed and supported internally by senior leaders.
  • Identified the impact of the programme

Youth Leader

In this category we will be judging based on the impact that the youth leader and/or organisation has created in the society in various sectors including, entertainment industry, the creative industries, manufacturing, social enterprise, education, health, activism, politics and more. We will also be focusing on the challenges the youth leaders face and how they have successfully found solutions that inspire their generation.

We will be looking into their abilities to innovate in an ever changing global village that requires efficient pace makers. The following are the criteria for successful submissions:

  • Impact on community:In what way have your leadership strategies added value to your community and transformed lives?
  • Changes implemented to improve lives:What changes did you make to benefit the youth you are leading?
  • Strategic Impact:How have you been able to visibly work with the youth to attain a successful overall strategy?
  • Use of leadership skills:To what extent did you use your leadership skills to deliver good services to the youth?

Women In Leadership

In this category, judges will be looking for individuals or organisations that have spearheaded women leadership challenges/opportunities and are inspirational to other women and beyond.

In this category, judges will be looking for individuals or organisations that:

  • Have spearheaded women leadership challenges
  • Are inspirational to other women and beyond
  • Are females
  • Show that they have made a clear impact to advance women on behalf of their organisation and sector, and potentially more broadly.
  • Are proactively navigating complex challenges to advance women in leadership

If you have been successful getting through to the next stage (finalist stage) you will be notified week by the week commencing 27th of September 2018 at the latest. All finalists will be required to attend the awards ceremony on 08 November 2018 at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

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